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Busy, busy, busy! and an update to the wordpress app

I realise that it has been ages since I last updated this blog, which is bad as I had intended to update it more recently. However with baby and wedding showers, the school gymkhana and changeover to the new timetable at work things have been a bit hectic. Also being sick didn’t really help…

But on the plus side WordPress has created an update for their app. Version 3.1 has seen a major overhaul in the look of the app. There are now sliding panels which allow you to access different components (posts, comments etc) and you can view your blog within the app. Another improvement is access to the dashboard through the apps which means that updating settings no longer requires logging into your blog through a web browser. Update 3.1.2 fixed the jetpack sign in issues so all in all a good update.

If you have a WordPress blog and an ipad I suggest you check it out as it is a fast and (becoming more) functional way to update and maintain your blog.

I’m reading The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas


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Failed Already

Ok failed already! Other than being too busy/sick to post since I started but mostly because I have had to resort to using my laptop to work on this blog. Editing some of the presentation settings and uploading things like a header image has proved to be too difficult on e ipad. Despite what apple would have you believe…. Oh well, not a big deal. Setup stuff is mostly a one off and once completed, hopefully should be able to continue on effectively with the ipad.

Speaking of header images, have had some trouble getting it to the size I want but after multiple croppings and resizings it is finally looking a way that I am semi happy with but am considering taking a new one with a different aspect ratio. Oh well.

I should do a real post soon!

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A New Beginning

After a couple of failed attempts at blogging, most of which consisted of a blog created, designed and then posted in only once or twice, I am starting afresh. New blog, new drive, new purpose.

I am attempting to create this blog wholly on my school provided ipad using the safari browser and the wordpress app to investigate its potential as a tool to be used student education. However I’m not sure how easy this will be and may need to result to the tradition pc method, but we’ll see. This also may account for the occasional typing error as using an ipad is definitely not as easy as a pc.

The other purpose of this blog is to serve as a sort of gardening/cooking journal as I have been meaning to start one and rather than go for a pen and paper journal I may loose i decided a blog may be better.

But this is all really just one big experiment…

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