Propagating Mint Two Ways

A few weeks ago I pruned my mint plants and at that time I took some pieces for propagating new plants. I used two methods of propagation: runners and cuttings.

Method 1: Runners

While I was pruning I was able to separate some rooted runners from each plant. If grown in a garden bed, mint will send out runners and eventually take over everything, but in a pot they can be an easy way to propagate new plants.


After separating the runners, I stuck them in a pot and was done.


A few weeks on they are growing well and will be ready for bigger pots in a couple months.

Method 2: Cuttings

The second method I used was propagating from cuttings. This method is more versatile than runners and also allows you to propagate more plants more quickly.

I started by selecting good strong cuttings from my pruning and trimming them on a diagonal a little below one of the leaf nodes.

I then put the cuttings in a glass of water and sat them on a sunny windowsill.


I could have added some rooting hormone to water to speed up the process, but after about a week and a half roots were shooting off everywhere, well of one of the varieties. The other has shown not a lot of action yet but still looks healthy, so I’ll leave it longer.


Once a decent amount of root growth developed, I stuck the cuttings in pots with good quality potting mix and hopefully they will flourish.



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