100 books about 100 people

After reading Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth, her memoir about working as a midwife in London’s east end in the 1950s, I am inspired to read more books about interesting people. So begins a journey of biographies, autobiographies and memoirs of 100 interesting people, some famous, some unknown. I hope to gain wider perspective and deeper understanding of different times, people and places.

If you have any suggestions of great books that fit the bill, feel free to comment.



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2 responses to “100 books about 100 people

  1. Fiona

    Nanna and I’ve had a great time exploring your blog. The variety of subjects is intriguing.
    One book you must read is “The Long Walk” , depicting the story of a young polish cavalry officer and his brutal dealings at the hands of the Russian army. The story details his escape from a Siberian Labour camp.
    Nanna can loan you the book.

    One author which you can at least read one book from his series is Bill Bryson. Nanna has many of his books. She finds his writing style brilliant,
    able to make daily life interesting and enchanting. His book “At Home” depicts everyday, home life back in the 1850’s.

  2. Fiona

    Another compelling story about the eastern european hardships during the second world war is about a lady called “Annie Letmetz. Sentence Siberia”. You should be able to borrow it from the Library. An obituary was written up in the Advertiser when Annie died, approx 10 years ago. She spent her final years in Adelaide with her daughter. Annie’s life journey to retirment in Adelaide was fraught with many dangers , facing death through starvation in her earlier life.

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