Joel’s Project

For the few things my garden has there is something that’s lacking from most of the yard…

If you can’t tell from the photo above, what is lacking is anything. Despite the work I have put into some areas, most of the yard is either a desolate dust bowl or covered in weeds.

In an effort to affect some change, Joel decided to attempt to grow some lawn using a box of seed we had in the shed. Although some people cry “Lawn? How dare you! What an environmental nightmare! ” and while that may be true in some sense, I still can’t get past the idea of having a nice, green, soft lawn to stand on. Also, although I am in the desert, thanks to Aroona dam, water shortage is not an issue for the town and sustainable watering practices, such as grey water recycling, are practiced on the school and town ovals. In short, I don’t feel guilty watering my small patch of lawn.

Anyway Joel spent a few days digging up the earth, removing the rocks and then sowed the seed and so far it has been a rather successful endeavor. The lawn seed has germinated, mostly, and is looking better and better every day.



Hopefully by summer the lawn will be relatively established and ready to face the heat.

We also have a small scraggly patch of lawn out the front that is coming back to life wit the warm weather and occasional watering, so hopefully that will spread and look nice in a few months.


I’m almost finished The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas.


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