Not long ago I planted sunflowers and am now seeing some major germination action!


I planted two varieties, Evening Sun and Sun King in an interchanging pattern along the fence line.


Evening Sun are supposed to look like this when grown


My vision is to have a row of big beautiful sunflowers along the fence that I can look at through my kitchen window, so I hope they grow well, unlike my last attempt at growing sunflowers which ended in my brother ‘weeding’ them all out.

I initially protected the seeds from birds using small disposable shot glasses as apparently sometimes birds will dig up and eat your seeds before they have germinated. I planted two seeds at each site and have thinned to the stronger of the two seedlings where two germinated, although I was surprised how strong the roots were for such small plants. I now have a better understanding of how those long, thin stalks support such large heads.

I am hoping to save seeds from some of these sunflowers so I made sure not to buy hybridised seeds. However according to the Seed Savers Handbook multiple varieties can cross pollinate, so results are not guaranteed, which doesn’t really bother me to be honest as I find the idea of the possible cross breed an interesting one. I also still have plenty of seed left so if I want to save true to type seed I can plant a single variety in the next couple years and then save seed.

Anyway, spring is still sprung here in the garden so there is plenty for me to get out and do.

I’m still reading The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas


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