Growing Potatoes in Towers


This weekend I set up some towers to grow potatoes. The main idea is that you create a vertical tower for around your planted potatoes and as they grow you top it up with soil or mulch so that the potatoes grow in the tower rather than under the ground.

They are a great way to save space in a small garden, not so much of a concern for me, and apparently increase the yield two to three times. I’m not sure if that is true but we’ll see in a few months.

A lot of people say to use old tires but being that i don’t have any, I followed a tutorial from and made mine from mesh and cheap bamboo screening from the reject shop.

However, differing from their tutorial I lined my towers with heavy duty garbage bags to minimise light filtering through the sides as I don’t want a whole crop of green potatoes. Another good trick I found was to out the cut end of the wire downwards and use it to anchor the towers to the ground.

I don’t have photos of the construction phase as my ipad was flat, however the ones in the tutorial are good.

Hopefully in a few months there will be a crop of home grown potatoes to post about!



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2 responses to “Growing Potatoes in Towers

  1. Fiona

    the black plastic may get very hot in summer. Hey baked potatoes!

    • I’m hoping it won’t be too much of an issue as by the time the hottest part of summer comes, very little of the black plastic will be directly exposed to the sun. I’m more concerned about how the tomatoes will fare.

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