The best book about Sturt’s Desert Peas!

If you only buy one book about Sturt’s Desert Peas in your life make it this one!

Sturt’s Pea: A most Splendid Plant is a fantastically informative book with heaps of full colour pictures, historical information, biology of the plant, its influence in art and more. It caught my eye while walking through the library and I had to borrow it. I’m becoming slightly suspicious that the librarians eavesdrop on people’s conversations around the school and then prominently display books that match their interests having also seen a crochet encyclopaedia displayed on the same day…but anyway.

This book is great. If you have an interest in the plant I suggest you borrow it from your local library if it is available. Alternatively it is available from the Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide. Their website is


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One response to “The best book about Sturt’s Desert Peas!

  1. Fiona

    Wasn’t in my top ten list, but if i’m ever compelled to grow SDP then I’ll take your advice.

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