Desert Flames



Now to the namesake of this blog the beautiful Sturt’s Desert Pea. Botanical name Swainsona formosa they are the floral emblem of South Australia and one of the most stunning of all the outback flowers.

There are many reports of people attempting to grow them in their gardens and failing spectacularly, but here in the outback, including my garden as shown above, they grow like a weed. They sprouted a few months after I moved in and more and more of them keep appearing! According to people at work they used to carpet my yard.

I have two varieties growing – red with red centers and red with black centers, known as bossheads, but there are many other mutations including white, pink and purple. Like weeds, many of which are also pictured above, they also flourish on neglect. They have never been watered by me, only by the rain, and planted themselves.

I am hoping that when they seed I can get some growing in pots so that i can take a piece of the outback with me when I leave, but for now I’ll just enjoy their beauty.


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